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        Hi folks,

        I having problem with my slide out step motor on my hymer sg.

        Has anyone managed to source one? Got mine in bits and full of silicone grease in the body where the worm motor mates with a nylon gear. Not hopeful I can fix as free’s up (with lots of friction) then siezes again within half a day.

        Thanks in anticipation


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        Fred & Gill

          Sorry that you have a problem……….seems that if you have taken it apart, you may well be able to resolve the issue and may already know as much as any of us – so well done.

          There has been a lot written about these steps over the years. – you may have researched that?

          I have just come across this thread, so Haven’t checked to see if there are threads on this newer forum or they were on the old one………However I am fairly sure that there will be several discussions in “The Little Exsis Book”, which Tom had the good foresight to put together.

          Not sure from your comments if you are having trouble with the motor/gear seizing – or you mean the more common problem of the runners seizing?

          If it is the runners, this is usually because of all the debris that gets in and needs a good flushing out with a hose pipe as previously recommended. Another point to bear in mind is not to lubricate the runners and linkage with WD40 or other lubricant that bears grease. Use a dry lubricant such as silicone or PTFE which won’t attract dirt & dust.

          In previous threads ( may even be in Little Exsis book) there was at one time the replacement step details.

          Thule Steps are problematic on many other motorhomes and often feature on larger non specific forums ( you could search). I am fairly sure that I have read that instead of using an expensive Step replacement motor a windscreen wiper motor can be used??

          Hope you can find the info that I refer to  – if not report back and I will try some research

          best wishes , Fred

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            Thanks Fred

            I have suspected the runners in the past but it’s definitely the gearing in the motor even with the worm motor removed. I’ve free’d it a bit with a slimy combination of silicone grease/lube but don’t think it will be adequate. Looking for a specific window regulator motor as the wiper motors are only compatible with later Thule steps.

            I recommend this for the runners btw if anyone’s wondering what to lube them with. Compatible with plastics and doesn’t attract dirt.



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