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      Dear Exsis enthusiasts group,

      First let me salute you from Switzerland. My Exsis 2.8 JTD is now 15 years old and is still running strong.

      It was sold to me with a Omnistor 2,9 m awning and I would like to have an “extra room”, possibly attached to it.

      I found this one but this is 4m  :


      Do you think that I could adapt it, despite that 1,1 m difference? I mean by adding 1 or 2 aluminium bars to extend the 2,9 m Omnistor awning?

      Thank you and regards.


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      Barry & Maggie

      Hi Himmel and welcome.

      Firstly, I’m afraid your link doesn’t work for me, so I can’t comment directly upon your plan.

      However, in general, I’m strongly against “Safari Rooms” for motorhomes.  Motorhomes are normally very mobile (this is, of course, the beauty of them) but a Safari Room anchors them in one place – they’re a nuisance to erect and to take down every time you want to move the motorhome.  Whilst they seem like a good idea, I would much prefer to have a cheaper and more flexible alternative – a tent.  Pitched close to your motorhome, they serve the same purpose as a Safari Room, yet they don’t require taking down when you want to go shopping or drain the waste, or whatever.  They also retain your pitch.

      To modify a different-sized Safari Room to try and get it to fit your awning is not a good idea, in my opinion.

      Best wishes,


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      Hi Himmel

      I know what Barry means about making you more ‘Static’ using a Safari room.

      When we go to festival or for a few days away on a campsite we have a couple of the Thule Rain blockers:

      We have one for the end, and a 2m front panel. They are light and easy to put up, the supplied roof bars also make the awning much stiffer and more wind proof as well. While they don’t create the extra ‘room’ they do offer a bit of protection from the wind and rain.


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      Barry & Maggie

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there, Chris – “for a few days”.  They are possibly worth the hassle of putting up and taking down if you don’t have to move for a few days.

      I speak from experience… back in the ’80s/90s I bought a Safari Room as it seemed a jolly good idea.  I quickly became aware that,  although the hassle of putting it up was minor, the “putting up/taking down” routine was just a pain every time we wanted to go out, or even fill up with water!  I sold it later that year, after our holiday, and bought a stand-alone framed awning tent.  That was much better, but even then, on a mainly touring holiday it was a nuisance just finding somewhere in the motorhome to stow it!

      Those panels of yours look like a good compromise, though – lighter weight and smaller than a full Safari Room.  Sun blockers are also available.



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      Thank you so much for your precious inputs.

      Chris’s proposition is a nice one, I will study it a little deeper.

      Best regards.


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