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      Jean Johnson

      Hello again,

      We are still trying to sort out the battery/ Electroblock problem described earlier! A real pain!

      Due to concerns and worries about future batteries, we wondered if Lithium batteries ( which are bloomin’ expensive) might be a more reliable longer term answer? Has anyone used these, and are they compatible with the rest of the set up .. Electroblock and B2B?
      Martin seems to have quite strong views about things ….  but we’d like your views. We saw a Nopak battery 100 or 200 Ah on Amazon ?

      Thanks for any help.


      Jean and Erwin

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      Hi Jean & Erwin

      I swapped my 2 x 110Ah lead acid batteries, for 2 x  68ah Lifos Lithium. (www.lifos.co.uk) They weigh only 7.5kg each and take up a lot less space, compared to around 20kg for a lead acid, saving 25kg of payload.

      They dropped straight in and use the same AGM setting to charge on the electoblock. They have a bluetooth connection which connects to an app on your phone giving voltage/charge/discharge and remaining capacity. We have a 12v fridge in place of the stock 3 way fridge and with solar panels on the roof, we never need to hook up in the summer, and in winter we can go for a week ‘off grid’. We have a 2kw inverter in Helga, and with the lead acid it would cut out after a heavy toaster session, but with the Lifos batteries, no problem as the voltage stays constant.

      Another positive I have found,  is that if you do hammer them, they can take the charge from the solar panels a lot quicker than the old lead acid batteries, and soon become full again.

      They are expensive, but i bought mine from http://www.simplysplitcharge.co.uk, and got a 5% discount using code vwt4/10 borrowed from a VW forum.

      The batteries are continually evolving and getting cheaper, some motorhome manufactures now fit they as standard or an option.

      Hope this helps a little.


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      Jean Johnson

      Very many thanks Chris, that’s very helpful …..   being completely new to all this, we’re on a massive learning curve, and are a bit confused by various opinions.

      It’s frustrating too, as we can’t use the motorhome, new to us,  until the potential Electroblock problem is sorted, and new batteries sought. Martin Bushnell of A and N Caravan services, was very critical of the current battery etc systems in the van … which Barry, the recent previous owner was very happy with. His comment was  ‘The maximum
      capacity for an EBL99 is 180Ah so with two 110Ah batteries and your vehicle
      (starter) battery which is probably 90Ah at least you have 310Ah which will
      eventually have overloaded the charger.’

      It doesn’t sound like you have a B2B ( we’re not entirely sure of the function of this … not Bn’B tho’!), and Martin seems anti these. Our van has B2B, and we wonder now if it’s necessary, and whether the current Electroblock system would be sufficient and compatible, with either the lithium batteries, like you have, or Exide ES 900 batteries, suggested by Martin.

      Sorry this got so long   …..    we are currently blinded by science …..

      Thanks again, in anticipation of yours … or anyone else’s ‘help for the ignorant’ !


      Jean and Erwin
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      Barry & Maggie

      Hi Jean & Erwin,

      I’m pretty sure that was a defective battery you suffered, rather than any defect in the “system”. I’ve run this system for eight or nine years, with two different sets of (albeit budget) leisure batteries with no problem whatsoever. I showed you the forum where many people were running twin (and even three!) batteries from Electroblock EBL99s, so I’m pretty sure it’s OK. Number 2 battery is fine, isn’t it, and I think that would have suffered too if it had been a ‘system’ problem. The B2B does nothing more than put a varying charge into the batteries quicker than a battery charger does, balancing that charge with any rise in temperature, that’s all. Martin doesn’t like them – he argues that just uprating cabling will achieve the same benefit at a fraction of the cost!

      But… I think, as ‘newbies’, that you should act on advice from Martin – he knows far, far more than I will ever know!

      As far as “batteries” are concerned, there are two that I would seriously consider, both highly recommended by Martin – the Varta LDF90/Bosch L90 (same battery)…
      (https://www.tayna.co.uk/leisure-batteries/varta/lfd90/ )
      and the newer Yuasa L36EFB…
      (https://www.tayna.co.uk/leisure-batteries/yuasa/l36-efb/ )
      I don’t think any AGM batteries are recommended by Martin – he points out that, despite being allegedly “sealed”, they still gas-off, whereas the Varta and Yuasa don’t – much safer in a motorhome! Lithium may be a step too far (expense wise) until you have more experience? I don’t know – your decision.

      Good luck with sorting this, Jean & Erwin. As you really are new to all this, I would go with Martin’s advice. I know some people don’t always agree with him but in my opinion, his recommendations come from good, solid experience.


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      Fred & Gill

      Hello Jean – sorry can’t add any expert advice because I know even less about electrics that Chris or Barry.

      From what I have read on Forums the safe bet is the Varta LFD & Yusa  as Barry referenced.

      I have run with the Varta LFD 110 ah (only single and no solar or B to B) for 3 trouble free years mostly non EHU several days at a time.

      As Barry states many many motorhomers run with 2 x110 ah batteries, but that is at the limit of charger capacity as Martin and the late Alan Evans would advise……a stress factor would be if you are a heavy power user.

      As I understand Lithium need a special charge regime and the Electobloc EBL 99 is dated and only provides a selection of lead acid or Gel (which were the original fitment) and the Gel also caused many problems failing after 18-24 months (mine did) ,, there were many questions about the ability to charge these Gel batteries correctly at the time because of many early failures on Hymer vehicles.

      Keep it simple and stick to the Varta…..if you are really worried then use the smaller 75ah option x2

      Best wishes


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      Jean Johnson

      Many thanks Fred and Barry for your input and advice.

      I guess we’re in a slight dilemma because although the lithium batteries are maybe a bit of  newish  phenomena for motorhomes, they do seem to be much longer lasting than other types, have various advantages, and have a warranty for 5 years, and should last much longer. Other ones seem to have a potential life expectancy of 3 to 4 years, then need replacing, another cost.

      We are seeing a motorhome electrician, in Brighton, on Wednesday, who will be doing the checks on Hector. We’ll also ask him about batteries, and about what the Electroblock is capable of.

      Thanks again,

      Jean and Erwin
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      Hi Jean and Erwin

      I had trouble with the Electrobloc, which Allan at A&N sorted about 5 years ago.On his recommendation I have 2 Varta LDF’s. one habitation and the other is the starter. I was told a bank of batteries will only perform as well as the worse one; so ideally they should be same age and capacity. They have 5 yr warranty and have performed satisfactorily.

      I have an 80w solar feeding through a schaudt controller which is fine for us through the summer, but we don’t use much power except in winter, when we use hookup more.

      Hope you get it sorted


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      We changed our dual GEL battery setup for a single 120Ah AGM battery 11 years ago. No solar panel.

      Absolutely zero problems. Don’t understand why AGM not recommended. Will have to look at it again.

      We have lived in it for approximately 4 years in that time including 5 and 6 month tours to Spain, skiing in -20degc, etc. I’m confused.

      This is a page from the book.




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