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        Hi all, has anyone any information regarding engine mapping on a 2.8 lt Exsis SK.

        is it beneficial, ? is it worth doing.

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          Hi Marley

          Not sure where you are based, but we had Helga remapped by these people: http://www.deltaperformance.co.uk. They are a mobile service covering  East Anglia/south east,  but I am sure there are other companies doing the same thing. It didn’t improve fuel economy at all, but the extra 30bhp, and more importantly extra torque makes for a much more comfortable drive. There are less gear changes and she pulls up the hills without having to change down. Also gives people a bit of the shock when you pull away at the lights!


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          Barry & Maggie

            I echo what Chris has found.

            I chose a “Quantum” remap, by my local, Quantum-approved garage. I received a guarantee card by Quantum. They are a very respected company and I would have no hesitation recommending them.

            Mine was installed about eight years ago and has proved faultless – as Chris has experienced, I’ve not noticed a mpg improvement nor a deterioration. There probably has been a POTENTIAL improvement in mpg, but the performance now available (which makes driving the ‘chipped’ Exsis SO enjoyable) probably negates that.

            Again as Chris says, the power on hills, even when heavily laden, is astonishing, and keeping up with traffic flow is just not a problem.

            Here is an interesting article on ‘chipping’ engines…

            And here is a link to Quantum…

            Note that there are different ways that an engine can be remapped – either by reprogramming the ecu, or by plugging in a chip, fooling the temperature sensor to just always provide a rich mixture, etc. There are some companies that I wouldn’t touch with a barge-pole, so stick with reputable companies and don’t judge the product from a “price” angle.

            Good luck.


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              Just watch, I had the Quantum remap done and there’s so much torque that I can induce clutch slip at 60mph in 5th gear.


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