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        Have just fitted Day running lights to Helga, fairly easy job as was changing the headlight and side lights to LEDs, along with the drivers side headlight which had a broken mounting bracket.

        I got the whole kit from here:


        First job, take off front grill and headlights.

        Then get the big hole saw out!

        Kit comes with all the wiring and relays, one wire to fuse box, other to negative on battery, final wire spliced into headlight positive (grey wire). You have the option of having the DRLs going off completely when the headlights are turned on, or dimmed to about 20%

        The picture doesn’t really show how bright they are, make Helga much harder to miss!

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        Barry & Maggie

          Great job, Chris!  It’s one of those jobs that I would have liked to have got round to but just never did…

          Full marks for tackling it and posting the “How to” here and for including the link.  Thanks.


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            Thanks for this Chris. Was it a big job to change the headlights to LED, and was it expensive? Thanks

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              With the headlights and side lights I just changed the bulbs to led, kept the headlight unit. There are plenty of cheap bulbs on eBay/Amazon, but I have found you do get what you pay for. I used Philips for the headlights, did have to drill a hole in the plastic bulb cover at the back for the heat sink. It has now had 2 MOTs with the bulbs with no problems.

              The daylight running light kit is just under £80, includes lights, harness relay etc. Took around an hour to fit, was fairly easy.

              Hope that helps!


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