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      Took my Exsis to the Fiat van people for servicing and MoT, my usual (and seems only) place near me who can deal with the height etc. They phoned that according to their records I needed a new timing belt, they are right about this.

      Quoted £1200 including new water pump. When I queried this they said that the Exsis timing belt is very difficult to get at, lots of labour dismantling etc. It seems exorbitant to me. Any experiences, costs recently anyone? (I see that there was a discussion here about the absolute necessity of keeping to the timing belt replacement schedule but I didn’t see any costs mentioned.)




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      Barry & Maggie

      Seems a bit  excessive to me, Peter. But it does depend on what else is being done, to be fair.

      You’re right that it is ESSENTIAL to have the timing belt changed and NOT just on a mileage-covered basis either – time between changes is important too, irrespective of mileage covered, a point missed by many people when motorhomes can do such little mileages sometimes.

      Have you considered having an “awayday” to somewhere with a garage that can give a competitive quote?  If the job’s done in a day, go into town while you’re waiting for it, then maybe have an overnight somewhere nice nearby?

      But £1,200 does seem a lot. What does everyone else here think?


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      My last service included a timing belt change, recharging  the a/c system, all oils and filters etc came to £447 including labour. It was carried out by Hull Van Centre who know the Exsis well. I’m not sure where you are in the UK but it may be more economical to go there and stay in a 5 star hotel for the weekend whilst your van is serviced!

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      Had a service and cambelt replaced Aug 2017 by Roseland Stores Ltd based near Truro for 478. Hope that this helps



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      Fred & Gill

      Hi Peter V,

      Your local garage are ripping you off, unless there are other factors that they have not told you or you are not passing on.

      So that other readers are not scared or put off the other info/quotes above are not too far off the mark – you can ‘Google’ and info on other websites will also confirm that.

      I had mine replaced  when the van was 6 years old ( from memory about £250 extra on service charge) and I know that costs have risen substantially since then and it will be done again early next year at 12 years. The recommended belt change interval is about 5 years , but this varies according to source. It’s a risky and costly business not to change them!


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      Had mine changed at my local garage in 2015 @ 31k miles. £99 for belt kit + £120 labour. They do all my vehicles and I’m always happy with their work and trust them  not to over charge or cut corners.


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