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      Barry & Maggie

        Hello, dear friends all.

        This is a little advance notice that it is our intention to, with great regret, sell our Exsis later in the year for a variety of personal reasons. Because of this, I need to pass on the running of this site to another person who has the enthusiasm to promote the dialogue on here and protect the information within this site. After nearly nine years, it’s a bit of a wrench for me, I can tell you.

        I’m giving this early notice so that there can be an easy transition, with full support from myself and my IT literate son, Stephen.

        The task is simple… support owners and prospective owners of our wonderful little Exsis’, by maintaining this site as the point of contact and repository of accumulated knowledge. That’s it – very easy and enjoyable! All you need is unbounded enthusiasm for our Exsis’.

        Please email me at hymerexsis@gmail.com
        with your expression of interest.

        Best wishes to you all.


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        Fred & Gill

          For the attention of newer members / owners.

          There is a wealth of information and contactable helpful advice available to owners of “the most exciting motorhome…ever”, to quote from Which Motorhome when they announced the UK exclusive launch article in their magazine in October 2003.

          We also have a letter directly from Hymer stating that it was not economic to continue to produce this vehicle, and we can assume that with improved costing and marketing analysis they and other manufacturers would not embark on such a production venture again. They even built a new factory and shrouded the project in secrecy on the basis that they thought that they had a market breakthrough on their hands.

          WE have a unique, exceptionally well made potential design classic at a bargain price compared to todays examples.

          As this unique camper ages it is essential that newer owners can benefit from past experience and future updates from recent enthusiastic and capable owners and this forum is a great place to bind all that information together.

          We are indebted to Mike Warland who originated the original website and to Tom Mulcahy for the wonderful ‘Little Exsis Book’ and especially to Barry who took on the original site and instigated this current site and through his dedicated and helpful input has cemented us all together.

          Please, I do hope someone will come forward and take this role on. We few older longer term owners have perhaps a handful years left to enjoy our Exsis before we also come to the same painful conclusion as Barry.

          I have included part of a private message that I have sent to Barry

          Dear Barry- the dreaded moment, I’m lost for words.
          It’s a thought no doubt that all us ‘older’ owners have had and as we have seen in recent years several other longer term owners have sold their Exsis for various physical or practical reasons.
          In terms of endearment, the Exsis has been a wonderful and special vehicle and drawn together a close group of ‘Exsistentialist’ (ha ha) who have remained loyal to the marque and each other in a helpful and friendly way.
          What we have had has been special and your dedication and help as unique as the vehicles themselves.
          I hope that a younger enthusiastic new breed of owner can be found to bind us all together and keep this site going.
          On a personal note, I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for all the support throughout the ‘Exsistravaganza’ period and all those memories.



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          Barry & Maggie

            Thank you so much for all that, Fred.  You yourself have been a stalwart from the beginning and I’ve been extremely grateful for your, and other’s, invaluable help and support.

            I, too, hope that a younger, enthusiastic owner can now take over this site (it’s very simple!) and keep the support going.  It would be a tragedy to just lose it all by default.


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              Good luck Barry & Maggie. Thank you for maintaining and renewing the web site and for all your contributions.

              Tom & Carol

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                Oh my….. I’m so sorry to see this post. You’re an absolutely delightful helping hand at the other end of a message and I’ll never forget the fun you brought to the Exsistravaganza…..

                Hope all’s well and that you’ll be around here for a little while yet.

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                Caroline and Dave

                  Really sorry to hear that, Barry and Maggie – you’ve been an absolute rock with all the questions and issues we’ve had as new owners, compensating massively for our complete lack of practical or mechanical skill. Thank you so much.

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                  Travel Happy



                    As I cancelled our diary entry for our first holiday for this year I thought of you, Barry and Maggie, and it occurred to me that present events may mean that your last holiday may become your last (not, I hasten to add, because you may succumb to the coronavirus) because you announced above your intention to sell your van later this year and you may not be allowed/able to fit in another trip before then. If this should be the case then I am sad for you. It is not the way that I would like to end my motorhoming life.


                    I am writing now because I resolved to write when I read that you will be stopping running the site to say a very big thank you to you for maintaining it and contributing a stream of very helpful advice to all of us. I have solved problems much more easily because of your advice directly to me or indirectly to others. You are not a lone voice helping us on the forum, Fred and Gill and others spring to mind, but, except when holidays have prevented it, you are consistently the first and it is rare for you not to have at least one good idea re someone’s new problem. So, as I said, a very big thank you to you.


                    With my very best wishes in these times that will try us all,



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                    Fred & Gill

                      Hello Keith, pleased to see that you appear to be well.

                      Very kind words regarding Barry that we all echo.

                      Another aspect for Barry and all of us to consider is that we can self isolate for a few days using purely our own resources and not being in contact with anyone by wild camping somewhere in one of our favoured quiet out of the way locations. We have just returned from a couple of days of walking/cycling in Gloucestershire where we visited the wild daffodil locations – a bit wet but away from busier weekends.

                      Go on Barry, stay with us a bit longer, you know you want to.





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                      Barry & Maggie

                        May I thank ALL of you for such kind words expressed, not just in this post but others too.  It’s been a massive pleasure and privilege to run this site for the benefit of all you wonderful Exsis owners.

                        Thank you yet again, Fred.  I came to my decision with a VERY heavy heart – it will take me a while to fettle the Exsis, so I’m here for a while, and I’ll always be available as a correspondent (providing someone agrees to take over the responsibility for running the site!).

                        I’m here for a while yet!  🙂


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