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        Dear Exsis group,

        Hope you are all fine in these hard times.

        I had a not so bad summer, though (except that one stormy day, I felt a little like Solar Impulse (Bertrand Picard or Bertrand Campingcar should I say). I almost flied with 60 + km/h winds, due to my 3 solar pannels that are fixed at about 10 cms from the roof top…;)

        I have a question about tyres : my front ones are to be changed and the back ones are Michelins Agilis 215/70 that are 2 years old, with good profile and no crackings.

        I have 2 spare 205/70 camper tyres in good shape (same brand but not Michelins, about 8 years old, technical visit should pass) that were in place when I bought my Exsis.

        Has someone already mounted 205/70 (front) and 215/70 (back) + from different brands?

        Best regards.


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