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      Chris and Susan

      Hi fellow Exsisers

      We’re now home from our unforgettable, amazing year of travelling full-time

      Although we’re home to Northern Ireland we’re actually still living in our Exsis as we haven’t yet decided exactly where we’re going to be putting down roots.  We’re mostly camping in friends’ driveways, which is a great way to spend time with all the family and friends we missed while we were on the road.

      One of the many jobs to be done on homecoming was to empty the van, clean the cupboards, sort out all our possessions and de-clutter, which revealed just how much stuff was stashed away in the Exsis – you all know that the storage is plentiful and ingenious, so you might think there’s room for quite a few bits and bobs

      Well, I think ‘quite a few’ is a bit of an understatement…

      This pile is pretty much everything we took on our Year Out

      … although as well as all the stuff in the pile, there’s the fridge contents, bathroom cabinet contents, duvet and pillows, biscuit cupboard, cutlery drawer, and stuff from lots more little stashing places and cubby holes around the cab.

      What an amazing van!

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      Barry & Maggie

      Welcome home!!

      When you tour and live in your Exsis as you’ve done, you must have all the essentials of life, otherwise it’s just miserable.  And that the Exsis can take all your stuff is amazing – it truly IS a Tardis!

      I’ve had proof of this, bringing Maggie’s stuff from her home in Annecy, back here to the UK.  It was all packed in cardboard boxes and suitcases.  I returned on my own, so lighter boxes went on the upper bed, while the heavy stuff went on the floor/downstairs bed.

      It was possibly(?) over the weight limit…  But a massive amount of luggage brought back.

      So yes, the Exsis is a magnificent carrier of “stuff”, and yet it still allows you to move around inside.

      Oh, and I DO like the idea of your “biscuit cupboard”!  I must have a word with Maggie, but I suspect I will be forbidden to have one!


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      Happy Traveller

      Hi Chris and Susan


      Zarita and I are so pleased to hear that your full timing adventure gave you an unforgettable and amazing year.


      About a month ago we were again in Glen Coe at the camping club site (for 9 nights this time) and naturally thought of you and the joy we had meeting you. We commented that your year was up and wondered what it would be like to re-enter normal life. Did we meet you on your first night? I think we probably did. You kindly showed us the whole of the inside and opened up the boot as well. Seeing your photos of some of your van’s contents makes me think that you must have bought a few items on your trip because in no way could it be said that your van was bulging with stuff when we looked round.


      Good luck with settling back into things. Thank you for your postings; they brought a lot of pleasure into other forum readers’ lives.



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      Chris and Susan

      Fantastic to hear from Keith and Zarita and I’m glad you got to enjoy the beauty of Glen Coe again!  We often said that despite all the wonders we saw during our year, there wasn’t much to match those first days in Scotland… you’re right, we met right at the start of our trip (I think we were maybe on Day 3)

      Believe it or not, the vast majority of the stuff in the pictures was already on board when we met you, stashed away somewhere in the cupboards… we didn’t add much – we tried to operate a strict ‘one in, one out’ principle – ie if I’m tempted to buy a new pair of shoes, I have to pick a pair to throw out.  It keeps things clutter free and also helps to prevent spending on things you don’t need!

      The one exception was the set of Dorling Kindersley travel guides for the countries we were intending to visit – we treated ourselves and bought the books just before we left the UK and they were a great way to inspire us for the road ahead.

      And Barry – the biscuit cupboard is a must!! it’s as if that’s what the drop-down lockers were designed for… the only question is whether to have one biscuit cupboard or five!


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      Fred & Gill

      I have only seen more in an Exsis when we loaded Up Barry’s van for a photo shot at an Exsistravaganza – 23 people I think!

      We do come close when we go off on our annual camping trip with our son and his wife when he returns fron Qatar each summer. Four adults, 2 folding bikes, 1 Di Blasi folding trike,1 mountain bike  (front wheel removed) and 2 extra picnic chairs- it’s an obstacle course to move around. And then in the boot the picnic table, Cadac BBQ & 907 Camping Gaz cylinder, picnic table & 2 chairs, the porch awning & poles.

      It all has to come out before we can do a thing and has been the source of astonishment several times to fellow campers that so much can come out of such a little van. No competition the Exsis space and storage is the best.



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      Barry & Maggie

      Nice one, Fred!

      Apart from moving Maggie’s belongings from Annecy, a couple of weeks ago, up in Manchester, my little trailer failed.  I had to dismantle it and bring it into the Exsis.  THAT was problematic, but the good old Exsis managed it admirably.  Mind you, I wouldn’t have wanted to go on holiday like that!!


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      Happy Traveller

      Hi again Chris and Susan


      Thank you for posting the photos of your van in Glen Coe. We love that particular campsite because you can do a 360 degrees turn and be looking at ‘proper’ mountains all the way round; also because at the end of our eighth decades the West Highland Way offers us walks which we can still manage!


      Your biscuit locker looks very tempting!


      Best wishes,


      Keith and Zarita.

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      Barry & Maggie

      Yes, Keith & Zarita…  Biscuit lockers are DEFINITELY Chris & Susan’s best contribution to “Exsis motorhoming”!  Better than all the SOG toilet, fridge, battery and water suggestions put together!  😁


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      Oh my goodness…. so much room in our vans. <3

      It looks like you have one of those amazing fans that are really hard to get hold of… we’re about to head off to France & Spain amid forecast of 40 degree heat – please let if be wrong –  we could do with a bigger fan!

      Maybe one day we’ll take off for a long time in ours. Although we sometimes add up how much time we’ve spent in it over a year. I think last year it was close to 9 weeks, just with a summer holiday and lots of little weekends away (mostly at the bike racing!). Which is one of the things I like about the van, while it may be tardis like inside, it’s not so big that getting it sorted and going off for a weekend isn’t too much of a hassle!

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