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      Barry & Maggie

        Hi Folks,

        Well, the ‘site management’ has now successfully passed over to your new boss, Chris. He was the guy who stepped up and has VERY generously offered to now run ‘Exsis Owners Forum’.

        Chris is a very enthusiastic Exsis owner and long-term motorhome owner, with a great deal of practical experience. He has already completed several innovative tasks on ‘Helga’ (his Exsis) such as 12v ‘fridge, solar panels, refillable gas, etc., as you can see from his posts.  So he has practical skills as well – he’s a great asset to Exsis owners everywhere, as he has motorhomed extensively throughout Europe, as well as North Africa. I’m sure he’ll introduce himself to you all. You are in very good hands!

        I hope you’ll give him all the support that you kindly gave me, and this is my moment to thank ALL of you who so generously gave, not only recently to support the site, but also in the past, with your time on the Forum helping others, and at the Exsistravaganzas (how could I forget those?).

        But I didn’t do all this alone…
        First and foremost, my sincere thanks to my dear son, Stephen, who enabled this whole project by creating this website single-handed – it wouldn’t have happened without him.

        Secondly, dear Fred, whose idea and driving force was behind the Exsistravaganzas. Fred has also always “been there”, maybe during a temporary absence of mine, or just to suggest or to support owners on the Forum. A stalwart. So very many thanks, Fred & Gill.

        Then there’s Tom, who single-handedly thought of, and then created, “The Little Exsis Book” and the “Little Exsis Album”. He saved the information from the old site (the forum that ‘went wrong’, resulting in this new Forum site) so another stalwart. Many thanks Tom.

        Then Mike… he stood in to help with publicity and contact with the major UK publications (MMM, etc) for the Exsistravaganzas and has always supported me on the Forum. Thanks Mike!

        Our Belgian friends, Chris & Peter, who travelled all the way from the Continent in order to support our first Exsistravaganzas and what a kind, genial and supportive couple they are.

        Katy & Alastair, and… and… SO many of you, who have been ‘special’ to either me or the Forum or the Exsistravaganzas over the last eight years. Thank you, one and all.

        I will still look in from time to time and it goes without saying that I will help whenever I can, even though we are now sadly Exsisless.

        Goodbye, dear friends.

        Barry & Maggie

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          Thanks Barry and Chris.  This website is the goto place for Exsis advice, and I owe a lot to it.  I was there at the start with the first Exis meet so have benefited a lot over the years.  I’m glad it will continue.


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            Barry, many many thanks for all you have done with the Exsis Owners site over the years, your knowledge of the Exsis and you dedication will be sorely missed. Good luck in your future travels and hopefully we will see you on the road sometime.

            As Barry said, I am Chris and am now running and looking after the Exsis Owners Site. Along with Amanda, our 2 sons and myself we have the privilege of owner Helga The Hymer, a 2006 Exsis SG.

            There is already a wealth of information on here, if its not here, please ask, one of the members  on here will have probably encountered your problem or question already.

            Tom’s little Exsis album is invaluable and hopefully we can keep it updated and driven forward with new and updated content.

            It may take a while for the new website to bed in and any errors ironed out since it has moved to new servers, so please bear with us.

            Chris & Amanda

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              Well done. Excellent work keeping the site operational.

              Thank you for the kind words. The book was my off line copy of the website discussions. Initially a few notes to help when there was no internet available.

              Have fun and keep in touch. If you end up with another motorhome please come to the next Exsis meet

              All the best to you both

              Tom & Carol

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                What can we say…. this forum is such a lovely place to visit, so full of amazing information and people. I think Exsis owners must be a certain type of person and I feel very privileged to be one of you.

                Barry, it has been an absolute pleasure. Your fun at the Exsistravaganzas will always be a wonderful memory, and your support and helpfulness throughout so kind. You and Fred are quite the double act.

                It’s nice to meet you, Chris. Thank you for enabling this lovely site to continue. Hope we meet you in real life sometime.

                Barry – you are officially a legend. Don’t be a stranger x

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                  Thank you Barry and Maggie for all your efforts over the years.

                  I hope we can meet again at some future Exsis meet.

                  Kind Regards & Best Wishes

                  Martin & Linda

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                    Dear Barry, thank you so much for the many years of work you have put into building the support network, that is known as the Exsis Owners’ Forum. Nothing has been too much trouble and your advice and help has seen us ‘back on the road’ a number of times, not least in this last week! We both hope that that the sale of your Exsis proceeds without hiccup and that we’ll see you again at an Exsis meet somewhere, as an honorary member! With best best wishes to you and Maggie, Mike and France.

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                    Chris and Susan

                      Massive thanks to Barry for all you’ve done, and massive thanks to Chris and Amanda for taking over… what a fantastic community.

                      Not only are Exsises the best motorhomes in the world, but they always are driven by the nicest people!

                      This is one social network we love being part of

                      Chris and Susan

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                      Travel Happy

                        Hello Barry and Maggie


                        Barry you were a marvel. Untiring and helpful (and prompt) with your excellent advice you made the forum a go-to place for the best advice.


                        A big welcome to you, Chris and Amanda – I hope that you enjoy running the forum and I regard my £50 contribution to the fees as one of the better investments of my life.


                        My best wishes to you, Barry and Maggie, for your Exsis-less future and to you, Chris and Amanda, for taking on the site.



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                        Fred & Gill

                          Now that our recent spat of short breaks or over for a week??

                          A million thanks Barry for being just the unique fellow that our unique camper needed to keep our friendly community bonded together with your exceptional effort and input through this website that you founded and funded after the old site became too difficult for you to moderate.

                          Much appreciation to you Chris and Amanda for stepping in to run this site.

                          You have contributed to this community with some well thought out and technical modifications and outstanding component searches which you have shared with us. There will be many new owners who will benefit from past information and the  support of ‘hands on’ experience of yourself  and others through this ongoing Forum.

                          Thanks Chris for stepping up and I do hope that we will give you all the support that you deserve.

                          (with a little help from our friend Barry – you see he has Exsis all the way through him.

                          Regards, Fred

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                          Barry & Maggie

                            That’s kind of you, Fred.

                            But BIG thanks to Chris – the saviour of the site and an excellent Exsistentialist!  I echo your thoughts.

                            Best wishes, Fred & Gill.


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                            Caroline and Dave

                              Thank you so much Barry and Maggie and also very grateful thanks to Chris for taking over. The help and support on this site is invaluable and we are very, very glad to have found it.

                              Caroline and Dave


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