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        My heater fan was working intermittently and then stopped altogether. There are a few good posts online including this one which was very useful.

        A couple of additional notes:

        • The heater fan fuse is F55 in the passenger side (RHD) fuse box located in the dash board.
        • The heater fan relay is T12 also in the passenger side (RHD) fuse box (B002), not T08 in the engine bay fuse box (B001) which I believe is what is described in the linked article. Perhaps Andy’s was a later vehicle? The relay next to it is T01 which is related to the power supply socket on the dashboard. I swapped these around to find that my relay was faulty.
        • The resistor pack is located behind the passenger side (RHD) glove box near the footwell. I removed the glove box to get at it. I also removed the dashboard tray. Both are simple to do. All of the bolts are easy to find except one. It is hidden away behind the left hand side oddments tray. This can simply be pushed out from behind, there are no bolts.
        • The resistor pack is held in place by a single screw. It can be removed from the socket by pressing the clip release. A new one cost me around £11.
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        Fred & Gill

          Thanks for sharing this information and for giving the extra detail for location of fuses and relays.

          This may well be useful to owners as aged components fail on the base vehicle.

          Electrics can be a difficult problem to solve, but having a starting point may well help.

          Regards, Fred

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          I had the same problem with my heater changed the resistor but made no difference, turned out to be the blower switch. Little bit awkward to get to as you have to remove the radio to gain access.





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            Si. Exacto me paso igual y era el mando de las velocidades del aire. Es barato y hay un video de youtube que te lo explica hay que desmontar toda la con consola de la radio..

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