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      Fred & Gill

      Hello Folks, this is an update from my post on the old site.

      The fridge stopped lighting from the electronic ignitor back in May? and I asked for any help or experiences that others had to offer.

      I was able to use the fridge on gas by lighting it manually through the burner inspection cover after the bottom vent was removed.

      I found that there was no power into the ignitor unit in the back of the fridge ( accessible through bottom vent) Not really knowing what I was doing I checked  fuses that I knew of – on the elektroblok

      and above the starter  battery, but all seemed well. I connected the electronic ignitor unit to a 12v battery and found that the electrode sparked at the burner. Therefore as I could not find any more fuses and there was an electrical fault somewhere, I thought that it was time for some expert help and possibly fridge out.

      I decided against the long drive to Hymer dealer at Highbridge and used a local caravan repairer (Pickwick Caravans, Holt) and decided to have the hob burners serviced at the same time, as they were not what they used to be – and never had a habitation service . I ended up with an expensive bill!

      They could not find the electrical fault to the fridge and spent hours tracing wires and eventually found a fuse under the hatch at the bottom of the wardrobe above the water tank. It was buried and tucked in right under the water tank inlet and hidden by all the wires in that area – It must have been well hidden because   I actually looked in that area and poked around hopelessly on several occasions hoping in desperation to find a fuse – if only I had!

      That fuse had blown, it’s now exposed as can be seen in my photo.

      I hope that this knowledge will help others in the future – and hoping that someone now doesn’t say

      “oh that one!”

      Fredhidden fridge fuse


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      Barry & Maggie

      Thanks, Fred.  That’s great that you’ve finally sorted that problem – it must’ve been infuriating for you.

      And that’s really good info about the hidden position of that fuse.  Fuses… I have a love/hate relationship with them, as I’ve related before.  I still have the apparently perfect (perfect-looking) 30amp fuse that caused me so much problems.

      Anyway, many thanks for that update – it’s logged here now, for the benefit of those owners in the future.


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      Dave & Sharon

      Thanks for the info Fred… need to check mine (same problem)

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