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        Hi everyone

        We have had a leak of sorts, to do with the fridge, and I wanted to share so no-one else does.

        There is a small hole at the back of the fridge (under the fins) which allows condensation to run out of the back of the fridge (i think this is what it does). Ours was blocked, and we think water ran down the side of the fridge, leaking onto the tall rim on the left of the fridge (in the entrance).

        We had no idea this was going on until seeing the damage to the trim.

        So do check that the hole isn’t blocked. We got to ours by taking the top fridge vent off and checking the small, clear pipe which runs into a small bowl. Alistair blew down it. First time nothing, after cleaning out the hole with a dental stick (it’s what there was to hand!), and then trying again, he could blow through it.

        *sighs*. Now to try and repair the damage. Photos in photos.

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        Fred & Gill

          Silly isn’t it, but a good tip to follow.

          We had a problem with a wet fridge indoors last year, but only water inside fridge – same problem and easily unblocked.


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