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      Dear Exsis enthusiasts,

      I lost one (blue) key and would like to make an extra copy. As these have a unique number, do we have to contact Hymer to get a copy? By the way, I need to change the rear lockers, may be can I take this opportunity to have a unique set of keys? Do zadi locks exist also for the main habitacle door locker?

      Any sites to suggest?



      Best regards

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      Fred & Gill

      Hello Tango and welcome, sorry for delay and that no one has come to your aid sooner.

      Regarding the main blue vehicle door & starting……I can’t specifically answer that. However, I would have thought that as it is not a electronic key fob a replacement could be found through advice from Ducato Forums, motor factors (even Timsons ?), or other motorhome forums as most are Ducato based. Not sure this question has come up before on this Forum or in the ‘Little Exsis Book’

      Regarding Zadi keys/locks/barrels for the boot handles and the side habitation door -there is a lot of information on this Forum and also in the ‘Little Exsis Book’. If the locks & barrels are original you will find that one key will operate all of these.

      See ‘Broken Rear Garage/Storage Handle thread by Peter V. on page 6 of General discussions. You will find that Barry had replied to a question and very kindly included a whole series of replies and advice from various participants.

      Hope this helps to start – Fred

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