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      Hello everyone. I am looking for a Hymer Exsis sg or sk, 2.3 JTD.

      Is anyone selling it?

      Best regards,


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      Barry & Maggie

      Hello Marko.

      Whereabouts are you?

      Mine is a 2.8 SK, but I will not be selling until April/May time, after I have valeted it and prepared it for sale.  It just needs a polish up and some minor details need attention.

      I have considered selling it a couple of grand cheaper so that I do not have to go through the fatiguing polishing-up process!

      If no-one is selling right now, keep looking on here…


      Place your “Exsis Wanted” post there too, and include contact details, either an email address or ‘phone number.



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      I am from Slovenia. It is hard to find this model here. The problem is, that for the 2.8 jtd, we have very high taxses to imprt it. This is the reason why I am looking for the 2.3 jtd. Thank you 🙂

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      Barry & Maggie

      Its not a bad choice, Marko – it’s probably more economical than the 2.8 and with only a minimal difference in power.

      Good luck.

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      Happy Traveller

      Hi Marko


      One point in favour of the 2.3l engine is that it was at the time a newer model than the 2.8l and only requires a timing belt etc change every 8 years as specified by Fiat in its work schedule. I believe the 2.8l requires a change every 5 years. This is not a cost that I delay because I want to avoid an expensive engine rebuild if it goes wrong. With our vans’ use I imagine that few timing belt changes are triggered by high mileage.


      I’ve been lucky to have my van from new. I am a cautious person and so I have not gone the full 8 years before changing the timing belt. My Exsis was made on the first production run for right hand drive; I assumed a November 2003 manufacture date for the basic van as supplied to Hymer so you’ll not be surprised to learn that my second change (of timing belt, water pump kit, trans belt and tensioner – all genuine Fiat parts fitted by my local garage) was in November 2018. It’s a long job and for what it’s worth for you in Slovenia my UK cost all in was just under £800 including 5 hours labour.


      When buying second-hand I would advise asking when the timing belt was last changed and, in particular, whether all the parts were new. For me it’s a false economy with such a long job not to renew all the bits.


      Best wishes with tracking a suitable one down.





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      M and G

      Hi Marko,

      I just wanted to mention that I was recently in contact with ‘Hymerman’, who posted a for sale ad on this forum in October.  As of Feb. 12, his Exsis, a 2.3, was still for sale.

      Hope this helps,


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      I am also looking to buy an Exsis this year and would love to hear from anyone selling theirs within the next couple of months.

      We live in Devon, and are happy to travel.

      Telephone number 07787953569.

      Many thanks


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