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        Hi all

        i know it’s often discussed and I’ve done a search here & in the little book, but I can’t find it.

        can anyone remember what make of car the gas struts for the bed are? Or does anyone have a part number?

        hope you’re all well. I think our van has turned itself into a boat it’s been so wet!

        katy x

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          A while back I suspected (wrongly) my struts had lost pressure. I looked up the references on my existing one and found them on the Internet.  No idea where now as I didnt take it any further.


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          Barry & Maggie

            Hi Katy,

            Here is a copy from the Littke Exsis Book, but I’m sure there is more onfirmation out there on these… Anyone, please?

            I obtained my replacement gas struts from Peter Hambilton, but I have since found
            that they can be obtained for approximately £32 + vat each from:
            Billington Group
            280 Bawtry Road
            South Yorkshire
            S66 1JY
            Tel: +44 (0) 1709 543837 email: frank@billington-group.co.uk

            I remember the code number being mentioned “somewhere” but I can’t find it…  Tom helped by sending me a pic of his note of the code number and I’m looking for that now.


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            Barry & Maggie

              Without going out, unlocking, climbing up and looking, the code number should be on the side of the strut??


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                Thank you all x

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                Fred & Gill

                  Here you go Barry/Katy.

                  This is the info on the struts – I listed this on Toms ‘Lifting the Bed’ thread in January.

                  Here you go Barry…..some notes that I made some years ago when the topic was mentioned and it inspired me to ‘investigate’ in case I needed to change mine at some point – and I found the piece of paper!
                  I also took photos at the time of the actual struts giving all the info….but I can’t find those, but the info is clearly on the struts.
                  I seemed to think that Billington group (as per Tom) supply or make them? and if I remember SGS may have been mentioned or came up in my search, or perhaps they manufactured them?. See a photo shot of my notes below


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                  Barry & Maggie

                    Thanks Fred!  And in my mind it was Tom who’d supplied me that info.  No wonder I couldn’t find it, searching Tom’s correspondence!  I’m getting too old for this game!!

                    Let us know how you get on, purchasing these, please Katy?  Thanks.


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                      That’s brilliant, Fred. Thanks so much.

                      I will indeed keep you posted.


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                        We got these from amazon, worked a treat:


                        £21.77 each, and free delivery if you have Amazon Prime


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